General information on Yacht Charters in Turkey


Motorsailer boats listed on Cruiseturkey are either gulets or ketch style wooden boasts except otherwise stated. Gulet, a typical Bodrum boat, has evolved in the last two decades with newer designs. Normally gulets have curved sterns closer to waterline. Ketch style boats have flat sterns and they have spacious cabins at the back and the middle of the boat. At same length ketches have usually more cabin space but modern gulets are built long enough to provide spacious cabins like the ketches. Due to worldwide interest for their use as charter yachts, newer gulets are at least 20 meters (65 ft) in length, up to 42 meters (137 ft) at the moment but boats currently under construction are pushing towards the 50 meters (152 feet). Gulets have large bodies (beams). There are few motor yachts in Turkey compared to Greece. The difference mainly lies in the fact that Turkish cruises are done in mostly secluded small bays where boat speed is not particularly important in cruising. Contrast that to the distances among Greek Islands, a need for faster cruising will arise if you want to cover a few islands spread across the Aegean thus more use of motor yachts in Greece. Still there are Turkish gulets and motor sailers that can easily cruise in Greece with elegance and performance. If you would like to charter a motor yacht please see motoryachts in Greece as well.

Turkish Coast

You may see some videos of the beautiful Turkish coast in Turkish Cruise Videos The area covered in the videos include different coves in Southwest Turkey including the area around Gocek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas and Kekova.

Airport Transfers

Dalaman and Bodrum airports are the main airports serving the cruise area. In addition to these two airports Izmir and Antalya airports transfers are available, please see Airport Transfers in Turkey

Yacht Charter Itineraries

There are many itineraries that could be followed during the cruise both in Turkey and Greece. The most important considerations are the total duration of the yacht charter and your preferences such as ancient ruins, sports activities including diving and whether you would like to stop in bigger towns or simply follow an itinerary that would cover the coves. You can see a small sample of Yacht Routes and Itineraries, please keep in mind that many different itineraries can be developed.

Cruising Turkey and Greece

It is possible to charter yachts and do cruises that combine the Dodecanese islands (Rhodes, Cos, Patmos, etc.) and Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Amargos, etc.) Islands of Greece and The Turkish coasts. Almost all boats listed on Cruiseturkey have airconditioning as stated on the boat details. Some boats do provide 24 hour air conditioning while a few others will turn it off for a few hours to cool off the engines.

Food on Board

Menus are prepared according to your needs including special dietary needs. Please inform your menu requirements upon booking. Normally the meals will be a combination of Turkish and conitinental dishes. TURKISH ORGANIC FOOD may be available on some yachts please inquire about costs. 25/30/40/50 euros per person per day depending on the yacht. A few yachts will allow you to buy your own food from supermarket and you will pay the provision bill. The food should be enough to cover guests and for the crew as well.


With each passing years especially in the last decade, the crews of charter boats have gained experience and professionalism, so crew is less critical than it was 10 years ago for superior and deluxe yachts. The quality of standart boats, along with the skills of the crew vary greatly from one yacht to another. Some larger and luxury boats have more than three crew. Crew quarters are separate in all boats. For the sailing enthusiasts who are licenced captains there are many bareboats to choose from.

Reservation and Charter Agreement:

A charter contract will be sent out to you by fax or e-mail. MYBA contracts are available for select yachts.
Map of Southwest Turkey