Yacht Routes in Turkey, Blue Cruise Itineraries

Turkish Shores

The amazing Turkish shores that allow you to have a beautiful and stunning holiday and vacation in Turkey.
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Please read the itineraries carefully, see which one fits you the best, if none suits you at all, contact us for a custom tailored yacht charter blue cruise in Turkey.

Combine with Greek Shores

Did you know that you could combine your yacht charter Turkey blue cruise with Greek Island tours as well. The blue and the green is like a magic and unbeliavable. You need to see it with your own family and have an unforgettable experience.


Bodrum is a small town that is actually connected to the city named Mugla in Turkey. Recently like last 15 years Bodrum became the center of the famous actors and all colorful faces you can see. Bodrum is also handling the porting of yachts that cruise in between Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya. You might as well go to Gokova gulf or Hisaronu gulf.
If you would like to pay a visit to Greek islands, you might want to check out North Dodecanesse islands as well as South Dodecannesse islands.


Marmaris is a beautiful and calm small town that is between Fethiye and Bodrum. The central position made Marmaris more and more famous over the time. Marmaris is very elite compared to Fethiye.


Fethiye is one of the biggest port towns in Turkey for Blue Cruise and Yacht Chartering. With time more and more yachts started to came and the area florusihed economically and also about tourism.
Fethiye has an advantage over Marmaris which is you might want to visit Kekova Gulf easily from Fethiye.